Edom has been designed so that you have three essential things when generating the response to your request:

- Images of your searches

- Sources where you can verify all the information provided by EDOM in real-time

- The Answer (inspired by AI recreation and several years of study)

Images of your searches

Images often appear in the forefront of response generation to give you a visual rendering of your answer. Images are there to give you an idea of what's in front of you but don't always appear. The images are directly connected to Google because in this new EDOM, it now functions like a search engine (we'll see more about this further down the page).

when you ask a question that can be found on the internet, that's when EDOM also generates the images for you. If the images don't appear, it means there are no images linked to the generation of your response, or simply that EDOM hasn't had time to find them.

The images come from Google, but also from information gathered by each company. For example, if you want to know about Nike's advertising campaign and how you can replicate it for your business, EDOM will offer you images from Nike's latest campaign, and this also works for older advertising campaigns.


The sources are simply blogs found on Google that discuss topics similar to yours and that, we believe, can also address your query. EDOM carefully selects the sources to present to you because it must find true and highly relevant sources to answer your query and help you find your answer right away. If it is not sure about the sources due to the complexity or rarity of your query, it will simply not show them to you, because either it has sources that truly help you or it does not have them.

However, due to the type of default questions that will be found in EDOM, we have anticipated everything by including in EDOM certain very old and hard-to-find sources to help you gather as much information as possible from the past.

The Answer

Although connected to sources and images, the responses coming from EDOM are extremely different. Our plane has trained our LLM to no longer be an LLM, which is a new technology not found anywhere else in the world of LLMs. With EDOM, we took the time to study the evolution of each company, taking into account every moment of glory as well as defeats, so that the generated response will help you avoid the same mistakes found in these big companies. Thanks to this, you can ask a question and the answer can be found in 1746, and EDOM will know how to bring it to you here in your present time while preserving the idea but adapting it to the current time and personalizing your question at the same time, avoiding the mistakes they made. By studying every choice and providing even more information about these companies after years of study, EDOM responds as if the company itself were doing it, which is why we call it artificial brain. EDOM understands and anticipates everything now for the future and is ready to personalize everything to your situation, business, problem, or more. For example, if you have to face a very specific huge problem in your business and you want to solve it, first EDOM will see if Nike or Adidas has already experienced a similar problem in the past or even in the present and how they solved it, and then personalize the solution to solve your problem while taking inspiration from what Nike or Tesla did. That's why you should take your time to reveal everything to EDOM about your business down to the smallest details; we recommend taking close to an hour before asking your question to get the best solution possible.

We continue until today our inspections on the latest actions of these companies and we implement them every month to give you the latest news. To help us create a customization just for you, EDOM takes care of creating a personalized EDOM for your business based on your questions. The more active you are, the more we create a much more personalized AI for the success of your business.

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